5 Quick Ways to Find Affordable Concert Tickets

Find Concert Tickets

Some people are very confused when they think about buying tickets for their favorite music concert. They are always searching in search of a website which is user-friendly and easy to use. One of the best ticketing platforms that are available on the internet is the www.tixtm.com which specializes in selling a variety of tickets like theatre shows, music concerts and many more. This article will enlighten you about some quick ways to find affordable music concert tickets. This is very important because nobody wants spends a fortune watching their favorite stars, but instead wants a glimpse of them by purchasing affordable best discount concerts tickets.

1. Following mailing lists and newsletter

This means that that you need to very attentive if you want to get to hold affordable concert tickets. You need to be updated with the details of when the music concerts are available and when the tickets are about to release. In short basically, you will have to be the first one to know in order to make sure that you get some affordable music concerts tickets.

You can sign up to TixTM and make yourself updated in the ticketing business or you can sign up to popular ticketing outlets to know the sale and pre-sale of tickets when they are about to get released. Some of the ticketing outlets are seeing tickets, Getmeln, ticketing and so on. Furthermore, if you can dedicate more time then you can get associated with the fan lists associated with these outlets. This fan lists often help in members in exclusive deals for the music concerts and come at a relatively cheap price.

2. Buy the tickets through the venue

Now, this may seem a traditional idea, and now you might say who wants to go to a venue and buy tickets when you have the power of the internet at the palm of your hands. This is true, but sometimes ticketing websites can be jammed due to the increase in traffic. Now, these websites can take up days to get free again and by that time all the tickets can be sold out. So why take a chance when you could just drive to the venue and purchase the tickets of your favourite music concert. In addition, going to the venue will serve you with an additional advantage of saving delivery cost and re-booking fees.

affordable concert tickets

3. Keep a check on ticket marketplaces or perform service

The key to getting affordable music concert tickets is keeping a check on public and reputable marketplaces like Viagogo which is known for selling tickets securely and safely. Vivago is the great online platform where you can get a last minute cancellation ticket and also get hold of music concert tickets which are just around the corner.

Performing service basically means showing enthusiasm for the music concert. For example, if your favorite star is touring the city then let your friends know about it through social media posts like Twitter Facebook and Instagram and so on. Furthermore, in order to spread more awareness, you could promote the concert with the help of posters or by joining the street team. Often it happens that producers of the music concert will watch your dedication to the music concert and offer you cheap events tickets or free merchandise and VIP access.

4. Consider buying in advance or call the radio stations

If you are not in for last minute hassle then you should definitely consider buying the concert’s ticket in advance. This will not only get you an affordable price on the tickets but will also secure a seat at the music concert. When the tickets first hit the market then the online ticketing outlets offer ticketing in advance to check for its people’s involvement in them. If they see that the result is positive and a lot of tickets are being sold then they try to increase the ticket price which can be difficult to get hands on. Hence it’s recommended that whenever your favorite star is touring the city then it’s better to buy cheap events ticket in advance.

Now if you are in for some affordable concert tickets then you must follow up with the radio. Meaning often the radio stations offer concert tickets at an affordable price or at not. Consider yourself redialling the number of radio station to multiple times so that you can get a chance to go to the concert. Furthermore, keep an eye on other radio stations which offer giveaways.

5. Check for availability in eBay and Gumtree or go to craigslist

Most people become sad when they find out that the tickets are expensive or it’s unavailable. This is because they do not have the slightest idea that there are people who auction their own concert ticket at a much cheaper price. Recent studies have shown that people who have brought tickets from these sites are happy because these sites act as the lifesaver when online ticketing outlets are full. There is an online auction poll where you can estimate the price for a ticket and also provides you with some space for a bargain.

Craigslist is another social media platform where individuals buy and sell tickets at most affordable rates. The above-mentioned sites are safe and secure but craigslist is also a website which seems to be the birthplace of scammers. Some of the users of craigslist claim their horrific experiences on the website. Thus in order to avoid such online scams, it better to verify the originality of the seller before advancing in the payment gateway.


From the above statements from above, it is clear that the above 5 points can help you get affordable tickets in the quickest form. In case this strategy does not for work you there still a way to buy concerts tickets. This out of the box way can know as volunteering. This way may seem a little odd but it has several benefits, you can get the ticket in affordable price or free. In addition, you can have the chance to set help your favorite band to set up their musical gig on stage.

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