5 Health Benefits of Attending Theatre Show

attending theatre show


There lot of established research on how theatre affects the human body and soul but there is no detailed paper which expresses the health benefits of attending the theatre show. This article will tell you about the top 5 health benefits of attending a theatre show.

1. Reduced Tension and stress

This is one of the greatest benefits of watching a Theatre Show. Researchers claim that watching a theatre show can bring peace to the mind, soul, and body. Now to understand this concept the reader needs to understand the concept of theatre first if the individual is not aware of it. A theatre is basically a form of art with multiple actors who are dedicated to presenting an experience either real or imagined. So Buy Theatre Tickets Online and Take experience the live presented to the stage in front of a live audience.

When you watch a good movie you automatically get so involved in it that you tend to forget your personal problems and enjoy the experience the movie has to offer. Same goes with the theatre where you can feel more deeply connected as you experience live performances. Thus there is a sense of peace and reduced tension when you watch theatre.  In addition, when there is a theatre performance there is a bond that is created between the viewer and the performer which tends to create a magical between them.

2. Provides strength to the immune system

Researchers claim that all the different genres of theatres have their importance of their own but watching musical and funny plays have a more positive impact on a person’s emotional and mental health. Heath clinics all across the globe say watching funny plays can stimulate organs. In simple term laughing and giggling can boost the level of endorphins in your brain which is responsible for lowering your blood pressure.  Thus when you having a chuckle extra oxygen is being delivered in your heart, lungs, and muscles which can be held responsible for your relaxation at the theatres.

If you keep attending theatres then in time it will help strengthen your immune because science says so. Scientist claims that laughing can provide strength to the immune system over time. These scientists claim that the brain is responsible for releasing chemicals based on their thoughts. Meaning if you think positively then the brain will release certain chemicals which will help you fight stress and negative thinking will reverse the process and you will be left with depression and sadness.

3. Increase Memory power

Attending live shows increases memory power. Meaning attending theatre on a regular basis will make you improve your reasoning skills. For example, if you practice a move thousand times then you are bound to excel at it same goes with theatre, when you attend theatre shows of regular basis then you are bound to increase your memory power. You have watched them performed in front of you and now you know each and every move they are going to perform for the next time because the visuals are stuck in your mind. In reality, it will help you because now you will never forget a visual when you see it.

There was a recent study that was conducted in Harvard medical school which took 120 people from the age group 60- 86. One was assigned theatre training, another group was assigned visual art and another third group was not giving training at all. Now there were a given a problem-solving test at the end of the month. The group which had theatre training had shown positive results. Their reasoning skills increased significantly and the problem-solving capacity increased too. Thus from this research, the scholars of Harvard proposed that attending a theatre even for a short amount of time can minimize any disease that is related to the brain and can declare the brain fit and active

4. Physically fit

Now a lot of people have a misconception that only exercise can make them physically fit. This is untrue because if you don’t have an active brain then all the physical fitness is a waste. Just as the body needs exercise and protein the brain needs theatre and entertainment.  For instance, you exercise all you want but if you don’t give your time to feed your brains then everything is laid down to waste. With the help of theatre, a person is able to get a healthy brain. Researchers state that having a healthy brain takes two steps one is analyzing the word and then fetching the sound for that word. The temporal lobe of the brain is responsible for its memory. Thus a temporary brain is important because it includes Hippocampus which is responsible for the creation of memory. That’s why people with Alzheimer’s have a sense of forgetfulness. One a scientist at Liverpool University have stated that the brain acts differently when it is approached by theatre because the mind is acting in a different way. With the help of theatre, the brain is being compelled to act and think differently, it creates stability for a person to achieve physical fitness.

5. Improved hearing

Theatre can improve hearing because which serves as a healing exercise. In theatre, the sound is placed in one area and is played at a comfortable volume. Furthermore, in theatre, there is a continuous movement of characters depicting a play and delivering dialogues which improve your hearing power. Now in reality, if you close your eyes and try to locate a person in a room then you can do it since you have been attending theatres for quite some time now.


Hence to conclude we can say that theatre has a positive effect on people.  With the help of theatre physical, mental and emotion health of a person can be improved. Attending theatre shows will not only make you improve your physical fitness but will also enhance your memory power and claim your brain as active and fit. So if you want to have all these health benefits then don’t hesitate to buy theatre tickets as all these facts are scientifically proven and tested.

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