About Keller Auditorium ,Portland ,OR

Keller Auditorium, formerly known as the Portland Municipal Auditorium, the Portland Public Auditorium, and the Portland Civic Auditorium, is a performing arts center located on Clay Street in downtown Portland, Oregon, United States. It is part of the Portland's Centers for the Arts. Opened in 1917, the venue first changed names in 1966, being renamed again in 2000 in honor of a $1.5 million renovation donation by Richard B. Keller.Originally holding 4,500 people, the venue now has a capacity of 3,034.The Keller Auditorium is the home of many performances of the Portland Opera and the Oregon Ballet Theatre. Previously, it was the longtime home of the Portland Symphony Orchestra (now the Oregon Symphony), from 1917 to 1984. It also housed the Oregon Historical Society and its museum from 1917 to 1965.

Credits: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keller_Auditorium