About Procter & Gamble Hall at Aronoff Center ,Cincinnati ,OH

Procter is a surname, and may refer to Adelaide Anne Procter (1825–1864), British poet, daughter of Bryan Procter Andrew Procter (cricketer) (born 1968), English cricketer Andrew Procter (born 1983), British association football player for Accrington Stanley F. C. Arthur Procter (disambiguation) Ben Procter (born 1990), British swimmer Ben H. Procter (1927–2012), American historian Bryan Procter (1787–1874), British poet Charles Procter (died 1773), Canadian ship owner and politician Chrystabel Procter (1894–1982), English gardener, educationalist and horticulturalist Cory Procter (born 1982), American football player Donna Procter (born 1969), Australian Olympic swimmer Emily Procter (born 1968), American actress Ernest Procter (1885–1935), English designer, illustrator and painter Evelyn Procter (1897–1980), British historian Henry Procter (disambiguation) Joan Beauchamp Procter (1897–1931), British herpetologist Joe Procter (1906–1989), New Zealand rugby union player John Procter (disambiguation) Leslie Procter (1884–1968), Australian politician Luke Procter (born 1988), English cricketer Maurice Procter (1906–1973), English novelist Mike Procter (born 1946), South African cricketer Norma Procter (1928–2017), English contralto Peter Procter (born 1930), British cycling champion, rally driver and racing driver Raymond Procter (born 1938), New Zealand cricketer Richard Wright Procter (1816–1881), English barber, poet and author Simon Procter (born 1968), British artist and photographer William Procter (disambiguation) William Procter (candlemaker) (1801–1884), co-founder of Procter & Gamble William Cooper Procter (1862–1934), grandson of William Procter, he headed Procter & Gamble from 1907 to 1930 William Procter Jr. (1817–1874), American pharmacist William Procter (Canadian veteran) (1899–2005), one of the last Canadian veterans of World War I to die Procter (film), a 2002 short film directed by Joachim Trier Procter, an unincorporated community in British Columbia, Canada

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